Request Services

  • If you interested in our services:
    • Give us a call at (520) 355-1000 to discuss how we can best be of help.
    • Consider reviewing some of the resources on this website that include descriptions of our service providers and a variety of CLE topics Dr. Simpson has taught for the State Bar of Arizona and other agencies.  

Once you are familiar with our services and terms, give us a call at (520) 355-1000 to discuss how we can best be of help.

  • Review Dr. Simpson’s curriculum vitae.
  • If you decide to retain Arizona Forensic Services, LLC, please submit a Request Services (online or PDF version).
  • We can discuss the retainer agreement on the phone before you submit it.  
  • Before services can begin, government agencies will need to provide proof that the requested services have been preauthorized. Private attorneys would need to submit a retainer.
  • If you are requesting testimony only, we’ll need to discuss whether you want us to be informed about the case or provide cold testimony.  
  • If you are requesting an evaluation, please have your client fill out Preparing for your interview that is listed under Defendant Questionnaires. They can either fill it out online or a printed form. 
  • If your client is accused of a sex crime, they will also need to fill out the sexual history questionnaire (online or printed form).  It is ideal that we have the completed form sent to our office before their initial appointment (in- or out-of-custody) so that we can prepare the correct testing. We certainly understand this is sometimes not possible until the actual defendant interview.  

Again, thank you for considering Arizona Forensic Services, LLC for your forensic needs. Please reach out to us with any questions you might have.