Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule May 2023

Consultation / pretrial prep by the hour (outside of a psychological evaluation)$300
Deposition or testimony for half-day (1-4 hours)$1,500
Deposition or testimony for full-day (4-8 hours)$3000
Travel by the hour (inside Arizona)$150
Travel by the day (outside Arizona, including for military courts-martial)$3000
Full-day on-site consultation and/or testimony (including for military courts-martial)$3000
General Psychological Evaluation (flat fee)$3,000
Psychosexual Assessment (flat fee)$3,600
Mens rea (flat fee)$3,600
Competency (flat fee)$3,000
IQ assessment (flat fee)$1,500
G.E.I. Evaluation$3,600

Full Psychological / Psychosexual Evaluation

For evaluations, I normally charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate so the retaining party knows the cost upfront. The flat fee includes interviewing, record review, testing, report writing, and basic consultation with the attorney. The flat fee does not include costs of deposition or testimony. If an hourly rate is required by your office/agency, my staff can provide a breakdown by hours. However, an hourly rate is typically more expensive then my flat rate. Flat rate or hourly rate must be determined prior to the initiation of the evaluation (so hours can be tracked if needed).

I provide evaluations regarding psychological state, psychosexual risk, mens rea, competency, and/or risk assessment. I typically perform evaluations in three stages.

  • Stage One is a review of the file and initial interview with the defendant (approximately 4 hours). At the end of Stage One I contact the retaining attorney and share my initial impressions. This allows the attorney to decide whether to proceed.
  • Stage Two involves in-depth history and testing (approximately 4-6 hours). At the end of Stage Two no report has yet been generated. The attorney is informed of the results of the evaluation and given the option to cancel a final report.
  • Stage Three includes final interviews, testing, and preparing the report (approximately 8 hours).

Normally a flat fee billing for a completed evaluation (all three stages combined for a total of 16+ hours) is $3600 plus any travel outside of Tucson. If the evaluation is private pay, I request a retainer for that amount and expected travel. If the attorney decides against completing the evaluation, a reduced prorated amount is charged and remainder of the retainer is returned.