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Dr. Paul Simpson

Welcome to Arizona Forensic Services, LLC.

Thank you for your interest in the forensic services we provide.  Our psychological services include forensic evaluations, expert testimony, and courts-martial consultation. We also provide forensic accounting services here (coming soon).  

Psychological Evaluations

We have over three decades experience providing evaluations for state, federal and military courts:

  • Psychosexual evaluations for contact and online offense (pretrial and probation)
  • Competency
  • Mens rea / State-of-Mind
  • False confessions / Competency to wave Miranda

Expert Testimony

We offer expert testimony regarding:

  • Sex crimes – contact offenses against children and adults, and non-contact child pornography and luring/solicitation
  • Future Sexual or Violence Risk (for sentencing)
  • Alcohol Blackouts
  • Eyewitness Memory (contamination / taint / reconstruction errors)
  • Counter-intuitive Behaviors (legitimate and illegitimate research findings)
  • Intimate Partner Violence (legitimate and illegitimate research findings)
  • Forensic Child Interviews and Child Testimony
  • Coerced Confessions


We specialize in providing consultation and testimony for military courts-martial state-side and overseas.


Find us on 2nd floor on the right via the center elevator or stairs.