General Alcohol Effects

Aggression and Alcohol

Research exploring alcohol’s effects on aggression.

Alcohol Myopia

Alcohol myopia’s impact on memory encoding.

Anxiety and Alcohol

Research on anxiety and alcohol use/abuse.

Benzodiazepines and Memory

Benzodiazepines impact on memory.

Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse

Research finding on Bipolar Disorder and substance abuse.

Confessions and Alcohol

Alcohol’s impact on confessions.

Disinhibition and Alcohol

Research on the disinhibiting effects of alcohol.

Flexeril and Alcohol

Flexeril’s potentiating effects with alcohol.

How Alcohol Impacts the Brain

How alcohol impacts the human brain.

Mellanby Effect

Mellany’s impact on decision making and memory encoding.

Memory and Alcohol (non-blackout)

Alcohol’s general effects on memory (non-blackout).

Memory for Crimes and Alcohol

Research on alcohol’s impact on memory formation and reconstruction for criminal events

Psychosis and Alcohol

Psychotic episodes and alcohol use.

PTSD and Substance Abuse

Research findings linking PTSD to substance abuse.

Race and Alcohol Impact

Important findings regarding alcohol’s effects on different races.

Sleep and Alcohol

Alcohol’s disrupting effects on sleep.

Sleep Disruption and Memory

Sleep disruption’s negative impact on memory storage. This is an important secondary effect from alcohol consumption.

Sleep Effects from Alcohol

Research findings on alcohol’s impact on sleep architecture.


An exploration of the principles of toxicology.

Underestimating Alcohol Consumption

Research on the underestimation of how much alcohol was consumed,